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A piece of mind

Piece of Mind

sculpture, 2019
3D printed ceramics, high fired


The billions of neural connections together form the landscape of our brain and it is sculpted, like the land on earth, by human activity and outside forces. With the increasing rates of mental illnesses, especially depression and anxiety, over the last decade, there should be more inclination than ever, to possess the knowledge of our brains landscape and the reasons behind why we are who we are.

"Piece of Mind" is a 3D printed landscape that represents a piece of my own mind, with all of it’s flaws and perfections. Molded by myself through a 3D sculpting program. As it dried and was fired in the kiln, being out of my control, the tensions in the clay started breaking the landscape apart, just like the forming of our own mind is sometimes out of our control.

The work was a part of the exhibtion "Dissections".

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