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Keidi Jaakson (b. 1993) Tallinn, Estonia

The Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus proposed that nothing in this world is constant except change and becoming. Learning, reading, examining, and researching are the ways I can stay in the constant flux of becoming anew, which I perceive especially important in the world we find ourselves today. My intention is to understand and decipher our society, the human mind, and the environment we live in by being hyperaware and translating those observations into my work. I reach inside to connect with the outside, allowing art to be my means of communication. Being both analytical and intuitive, I find it imperative in my work to merge dualities - the scientific and the artistic, practice and theory, the ideal and the flawed, tension and ease, growth and decay. 

While I specialized in ceramic sculpture during my Bachelor’s, I also operate through other mediums, such as painting, performance, videography, photography, and installations. In my artistic process, I go into the depths of a subject with intensive theoretical and practical studies and explorations while experimenting with various objects, tools, and techniques. I am compelled by delicate and vulnerable materials that bring minimalism, fragility, and sensitivity to my works or add hidden elements and gravity to the subjects. I draw different approaches for concepts from the research I do on psychology, sciences, philosophy, history, sociology; and combine them with my own past experiences. For me being an artist means to bring new perspectives, ideas into the collective consciousness. I want to look further and more in-depth, start discussions, and seek the right questions, not to deliver final answers. 

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