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Connective issues 

Miniature porcelain moss sculptures, 2020

Porcelain, ceramics and moss

7,5 x 5 x 4,5 cm

We are born with almost all of the neurons in our brain that we will ever have, but the cells alone are not what makes us human. The connections between them, called synapses, are what able humans to learn, move, think, communicate, and make us who we are. 

It is through these neural bonds that memories are stored, habits cultivated, and personalities shaped. Most of the connections form in the first three years of being alive, with more than one million synapses developing every second. These integrated synapse networks stay with us throughout adulthood, and altering them is found out to be strenuous and often a painful process. Our mental health is very much depen-dent on our development and the environment we are in our early childhood years.

“Connective issues” consists of two works, one being a ceramic and moss sculpture and the other one being a series of ink paintings called “Motions in moss” painted with dried moss.

The works represent neural connections, our relations to nature, and the way the outside elements form the brain’s landscape.

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