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Motions in Moss #3

Painting (detail), 2019
Ink, red marker, moss

111,5 x 76,5cm

With the “Dissections” project I started my research on the human brain’s physiology and neuroscience, and I seeked to figure out what exactly makes us feel, think and act the way we do.

From this research, three different works emerged, two ceramic sculptures ("Connective issues" and "Piece of Mind") and one series of paintings ("Motions in Moss").

I simultaneously explored the connections between nature and the human psyche and used moss as one of the core materials and tools for the works. Their form resembles the structures of neurons and synapses, and recent research on different mosses shows that they are capable of inhibiting the inflam-matory processes in the brain and help to relieve pain.

With the research and creation of these works, I intended to open up a more in-depth discussion about mental health and how it connects to our brain’s physiology. These works are the first step in this research that I wish to continue further, because I believe it to be vital that these topics reach a wider audience.

These works were displayed at the Estonian Academy of Arts in December 2019.

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