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Terra Nullius

Paintings, 2019

tracing paper, black and red ink, moss

62,5 x 2000 cm

The paintings for "Terra Nullius" are inspired by sumi-e or Japanese ink wash paintingsWith it’s roots coming from Zen Buddhism and Daoism, it’s emphasis is on simplicity, tranquility, spontaineity and self-expression. The goal is to not just paint what is seen, but to capture it’s spirit. 

I painted the two 20 meter paintings over a period of two weeks, in all different times of day; giving myself a few meters of paper at a time to portray my raw unfiltered emotions and my state of being at that moment. 

One, left blank, represents the stillness of mind needed to express and create. 

"Terra Nullius" was painted with using dried moss and a comb as the brush. 

The work was a part of the exhibition "On the Threshold". 

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